Canoe trips in Estonian nature

We organise canoe trips on one of the most exciting parts of the Navesti River. The routes are of various lengths: Vanaõue Kaansoo ca. 3-4 hours, Vanaõue Pikkmetsa ca. 1.5-2 hours
We also organise canoe trips on Vanaõue Saarisoo route (Soomaa National Park) ca. 6-7 hours. The canoe trips start from the premises of our holiday centre and after the trip, our transport awaits you in the final destination!

Canoe trip "For Students"

RouteVanaõue - Pikkmetsa
Duration1 to 1,5 hours
IncludesCanoe, paddles, vests and one teacher for free (by 10 students)
Price15,00€ / person (min. 10 students + 1 teacher)

Canoe trip "Kaansoo"

RouteVanaõue - Kaansoo
Kestus3 to 4 hours
Includes Canoe, paddles, vests and picnic stop at Pikkmetsa grilling square to have little picnic (with sausages or soup) and transportation from Kaansoo back to Vanaõue.
Price28,00€ /person with picnic

Canoe trip "Vanaõue"

RouteVanaõue - Kaansoo
Duration3 to 4 hours
IncludesCanoe, paddles, vests, transportation back to Vanaõue, where awaits dinner, sauna and accommodation.
Price57,00€ / person
* Groups from 10 persons